Meet The Team

A group of like-minded visionaries, builders, and hustlers who are passionate about changing the world with AI.

Our Story

Prune.AI was founded on the vision that algorithms automating business processes will become increasingly capable and widely available in the future. While the use of AI today is still concentrated among big tech companies, we see a long-term commercial opportunity for this to change.
Our product focuses on marketing automation due to the data-rich environment that marketers operate in, while its application to social e-commerce is based on industry knowledge of this channel's enormous growth potential. We are an early stage startup and always looking to grow our team.


Tina Y. Tang

Founder & CEO

Tina spent the majority of her career working with data and algorithms, and is now applying this knowledge to commercialize AI. She saw the enormous potential of social media to become a new medium for e-commerce after working on keyword search algorithms and recommender systems at Amazon. Tina has a doctorate and undergraduate degree from Harvard.


Oleksii Stotskyi

Full-Stack Developer

Oleksii has experience building big data and distributed systems back ends, and experience building e-commerce front ends. In his prior role as a developer for Pfizer, he built technology that processed large-scale MRI scans of rat brains using machine learning algorithms developed by research scientists. He is open to new ideas and technologies in a distributed world.


Nadia Daskalova

UX Designer

Nadia has a background in UX design and research. Prior to joining Prune AI, Nadejda redesigned the user experience of a health startup and an NGO. While a qualitative market researcher at GfK, she helped leaders develop and launch new products by providing strategic brand and consumer insights. Nadejda worked at the Institute of Sociology at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and holds a BA in political science.


Portia Makoma

In-house Doer and Creative

Portia is passionate about building products and creating spaces that inspire critical dialogue and impact. She has launched multiple small businesses, including MAU Mask which solves the problem of excessive air pollution she encountered while traveling, and Flash Pic, an on-demand professional photographer service which is revolutionizing the fragmented market for photographers around the world.


Martin Nguyen

Digital Marketing & Product Management Intern

Martin is a junior at New York University pursuing a degree in Media, Culture, and Communication with a minor in Computer Science. His interests lie in the emerging digital media market and the rise of digital in the ever-changing world. He has experience in programming, privacy regulation, marketing, and social media.


Yosif Yosifov

Technical Advisor

Yosif has extensive experience as an engineering lead at multiple startups. His most recent role is at OfficeRnD, which builds software for flexible workspaces and is doubling in size every year. His technical expertise spans web and mobile development, performance optimization, DevOps, and a wide variety of frameworks and languages including Node JS, React, TypeScript, Java, and C#. His leadership experience has been focused on scaling and managing engineering teams.

Our Principles

These principles guide us as we navigate novel, complex, and uncertain environments.

Stay Frugal

Whether suboptimally allocating talent, money, or time, waste gets passed on to customers. Our principle is to stay as frugal as possible so customers can have access to a superior product at a lower price.

Embrace Smart Failure

To succeed, one must fail. We believe failure should be intentional, fast, and resourceful. Our principle is to know exactly what we're testing in advance, so we can glean the most from every failure.

Be Right a Lot

Startups make a lot of decisions that can make or break their success. Our goal is to be "right a lot" by consciously fighting confirmation bias and not being afraid to change our minds and actions when the data speaks.

We're always looking for talent

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