Get people to talk about your product so you can spend less on ads.

Prune.AI helps you run P2P campaigns quickly, easily, and affordably.

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Save Time

Drastically reduce the time it takes to run a word-of-mouth, influencer, or viral marketing campaign by using AI to find potential advocates and contact them on your behalf. Just input your KPI goals, creative content, and target customer profile. The app will do the rest!

Save Money

Work only with influencers predicted to have the highest ROI for your business. Leverage passionate fans who will promote your product for free. Prune.AI helps you create marketing campaigns that are more cost-effective than Adwords, Facebook, or working with an agency.

Easy to Scale

You can work with one influencer or thousands of influencers without any changes to your workflow. Our technology can reach out to millions of nano-influencers and organic advocates, making it easy to scale and grow along with your business.

What Makes our Product Different?

Cutting-edge AI

While many marketing platforms claim to use AI, they actually ... don't. We'll put our money where our mouth is and show you the difference. With experts on our team who have built machine learning algorithms at some of the best tech companies in the world, we are, as they say, the real deal.

Focus on nano-influencers

We've created profiles for millions of nano-influencers, using multiple data sources and algorithms to distill information from the data. The depth and multi-dimensionality of the data allows us to train complex models like deep neural nets to assess the match between a social media user and a brand or product.

Pay As You Go

Unlike most platforms which charge you up-front, with Prune.AI you can pay as you go. Whether it's $10 or $10k, you pay only for the influencers you work with. We charge the influencer a small percentage of their sponsorship fee so we can continue offering superior technology. This creates a flywheel that benefits all parties.

Why nano-influencers?

Nano-influencers (AKA real people, not celebrities), can offer a more authentic endorsement of your brand or product compared to a bigger influencer or celebrity. Nano-influencers with ~10k followers have an average of 7% audience engagement rate on Instagram and generally cost $100 in sponsorship fees per post, while mega-influencers with ~1M followers have just 0.7% engagement rate and cost $10k or more per post. So, with 100 nano-influencers, you get the same reach and pay the same amount as you would with 1 mega-influencer, but create 10x the audience engagement, which translates into 10x traffic to your website, which leads to 10x the sales... you get the point.

Case Studies

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    Predicting ROI of Sponsored Posts

    How Prune.AI uses deep neural networks to predict an influencer's return on investment for a sponsored post.

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    Creating Network Effects on Github

    How Prune.AI identified developers on Github to spread adoption of a data storage software.

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    Targeting Beauty Influencers

    How Prune.AI found the most relevant beauty influencers on Instagram and Youtube for a product giveaway.

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    Creating Viral Content on Facebook

    How Prune.AI uses reinforcement learning along with human intelligence to engineer viral content on Facebook.

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