As a personal trainer, Jared was popular with gym-goers because of his fun yet hardcore workouts and uplifting personality. However, when COVID-19 struck, he was out of business. The gym that he worked at was closed and he had to maintain social distancing. He decide to create a fitness Instagram account that focused on home workouts and staying healthy at home. He caught onto fitness trends and made working out accessible, fun, and easy for those who want to get fit during their time at home.

Noticing that his Instagram was growing quickly, Jared wanted to expand his own personal brand. He wanted to show people at home how they could achieve their desired results without needing to go to the gym. However, he didn’t have any connections with any health or fitness companies and had no idea what to do, and after trying to create his own website and reaching out to brands on Instagram to no avail, he decided to make a media kit.

He created an UpSpark media kit that looks professional, unique, and like it took hours to make! He was able to show his quickly growing popularity as an influencer because his media kit regularly updates his statistics and shows the changes in his growing following account daily. Jared was able to get out of his comfort zone and start promoting different products such as supplements and meal plans because he was able to see his reach as an influencer from his media kits. Before he knew it, brands were lining up to work with him.

Since creating his UpSpark media kit, Jared has landed multiple product sponsorships with GNC and Gymshark and regularly does giveaways of supplements and workout gear. He credits his success with finding new sponsorships to his media kit.

Ready to Make Fitness Fun at Home Like Jared?