Growing up in a military family, Jenn always moved from military base to military base. She was your typical American army brat. Because she always moved around, she wasn’t able to make many friends and connect with too many people her age. She decided to start posting singing covers on YouTube in her free time and one of her covers went viral! She wanted to keep that momentum going and expand her YouTube career.

When she began growing her YouTube career and opening up about her life as an army brat, she realized that she wanted to switch paths and become a public speaker. She didn’t know how to pivot her skills from singing to public and motivational speaking. She wanted to share with the world how to make the most of your life while living in unusual circumstances, but she didn’t know where to turn to in order to share her story. Jenn spoke at small events but it wasn’t enough for her potential. She decided to make a media kit to showcase her skills as a speaker.

Jenn came across UpSpark’s media kits and decided to create one to show off her unique background and past experiences. In minutes, she had a professional and unique media that showed off her strengths as a public speaker. She was able to send them to brands and they were able to see that she was both a successful YouTuber who had a loyal following and an accomplished and skilled speaker because the media kit automatically updated her social media statistics.

Jenn is now a successful public speaker that has spoken at YouTube summits and TED talks. She is no longer a military brat; she settled down at the age of 22 and bought her own mansion in the Los Angeles suburbs. Although she moved from military bases to mansions, she still remains humble and shares her experiences living and building a career while living a not-so-typical lifestyle.

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