As a girl with vitiligo, Haley never saw anyone like her anywhere. Whether it was on the street or in magazines and advertisements, she never saw anyone with skin like hers. Trying to challenge the traditional beauty standard, Haley started modeling her favorite outfits on Instagram and quickly gained a following for her unique beauty and unique but trendy style.

Haley wanted to try to break free from the Instagram model bubble and into the real modeling industry by landing a fashion campaign. Looking to inspire other women with vitiligo and to represent atypical beauty, she wanted to partner up with a large clothing brand to try to normalize vitiligo. She wanted brands to take notice and accept her unique beauty, but she didn’t have any way to get noticed by these brands.

Haley created her UpSpark media kit to show off both her modeling skills and her social media influence. After picking her favorite template and connecting her social media, she was able to have her completed media kit in minutes! She was able to customize her UpSpark template to include elements that showed off both of her strengths. When submitting her media kit to clothing brands, she started getting offers to do online campaigns that she wasn’t getting before!

After accepting her first fashion campaign with Gap, Haley has been receiving opportunities left and right. She modeled for Forever 21’s denim campaign and was invited to New York Fashion Week to attend a Marc Jacobs show. Haley was able to change how clothing brands looked at influencers and women with different types of beauty and hopes that she can continue inspiring women to get out of their comfort zone.

Ready to Transform the Modeling Scene Like Haley?