Leo is a regular high school student who loves art and video games. He loves to play on his Nintendo Switch after school and started streaming it on Twitch.tv for his friends to watch. He also streamed himself drawing and more people began to take notice. Leo started streaming his Smash tournaments and people started to tune in because he was getting pretty good at it. He started streaming for his friends but as people started regularly watching him, he began to take streaming a bit more seriously.

As an artist, Leo really wanted people to start appreciating his work and wanted to sell prints. When he up prints up for sale, he realized that gamers weren’t that interested in buying prints. He wanted to appeal to gamers, so he decided that he wanted to make cases for the Switch that would include his art, but he didn’t know how to get brands to want to create a case with his art on it. He would send pictures of his art to brands, but they would never respond to him. His friends told him to make a portfolio, but it didn’t show off his interests in video games enough, so he decided to make a media kit.

Leo made an UpSpark media kit that let him show off his latest work from his Instagram and his skills as a gamer. He was able to make a media kit that was quick and easy to configure and customized it to his liking. It looked better than any portfolio that he had made before and took almost no time to make. The UpSpark media kit also showed his impressive Twitch statistics and Super Smash Bros skills. After sending it to companies he wanted to work with, he finally got some responses and they were actually interested in working with him!

Leo was able to land a product collaboration with a brand to create his own line of Nintendo Switch skins and cases. He also landed some sponsorships with energy drinks and joined a gaming team after they were able to see his skills as a gamer and an artist. Leo thanks much of his success to UpSpark’s media kits and is now getting new brand deals every single week.

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