As a young professional, Ashley struggles with feeling stressed and feeling overwhelmed every single day. She loves decorating her home and practicing mindfulness to destress and wanted to share her favorite ways to do so with others. Ashley began posting her home decor tips and bullet journal spreads onto YouTube. Her artistic talent and keen eye for minimalist style helped her gain subscribers quickly. From showing how to repurpose old cans into new jars and her favorite pens to do calligraphy with, Ashley’s followers had tons of content to watch.

Ashley saw that her videos were starting to get a lot of attention and saw the opportunity to make money. She wanted to make her YouTube channel a side hustle to save up for a new car but didn’t know how to make more money. Ashley’s dream was to partner up with her favorite stationary stores but they didn’t seem to be very interested in working with influencers. After contacting her favorite brands, she noticed that they were all asking for her to show them how big her influencer was. That’s when she realized that she needed to make a media kit.

She found UpSpark and signed up to create her own media kit. Within minutes, she had a complete media kit that was super easy to make. It saves her a lot of time and she was able to choose a template that fit her style. UpSpark automatically updates her audience statistics and allows her to customize what she wants to show off and emphasize on her media kit. It also lets her know which brands were interested in her and lets her connect with the brands.

Now, Ashley doesn’t hesitate to send brands her UpSpark media kit. She even gets contacted by brands she never thought she would be able to collaborate with. Ashley landed brand sponsorships with HomeGoods and Muji as well as a collaboration project with Flying Tiger. Without her UpSpark media kit, Ashley wouldn’t have gotten the attention of brands she wanted to work with. Now, she faces the problem that influencers wished they had — she has too many brands that want to work with her!

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