Kelly is a 20-year-old college student and beauty micro-influencer that had started influencing out of her passion for beauty. For a while, she’s been sharing her favorite products to her loyal followers. She does everything from hauls of what she buys from Sephora and Target to reviewing new products and showing off her favorite products of the month. People began noticing her passion, talent, commitment, and high-quality work so her following grew quickly.

As she began quickly growing and her following skyrocketed past 10,000 followers, she began thinking about influencing as a full-time career but didn’t know how to make money. She couldn’t get attention from major beauty brands and struggled to get any coveted-sponsorships. Commenting on her favorite brands’ pictures and contacting them didn’t seem to work. Featuring their products in her posts didn’t seem to either. She wanted to put herself out there and turn influencing into a business. She didn’t know what to do until she came across UpSpark’s media kits.

UpSpark’s media kits allowed her to show herself off in a professional way that let her showcase herself and her personal tastes. She realized that brands were looking for professional looking media kits that contained all the information that was necessary for them to learn more about what she does and her following. UpSpark’s media kits allowed her to easily create and share her media kit with her favorite brands. UpSpark’s technology receives information from her social media and automatically updates it regularly so she doesn’t have to do it herself. The media kit showed off her high engagement rates and loyal following base and her true viability as an influencer.

Whenever Kelly contacts her favorite brands, she sends them her UpSpark media kit. She began noticing that the brands actually started responding to her this time around! Many more brands were interested in her work and wanted to partner with her. The media kit allowed her to showcase everything that she has to offer, from her engagement rates to her services and skills, in one place. Thanks to her UpSpark media kit, she was able to get her foot in the door and do a brand sponsorship with Sephora Collection.

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