Essential Guide to Jeans

Jeans are one of the most forgiving and versatile pieces of clothing in a man's wardrobe. They are a Holy Grail item. You can dress them up or down, and wear them in almost any occassion as long as it’s not somewhere that requires a suit. Even traditional suit-and-tie workplaces are relaxing their dress code to allow, yep, you guessed it.

A good pair of jeans can last a lifetime, so choose jeans that have good quality and construction. If you will wear them your whole life, why not spend your money on the highest quality? To tell the difference, familiarize yourself with the price and quality of some low, mid, and high end brands. Mid tier brands tend to be the best value. Though it’s only somewhat lower quality than high-end brands, it is tremendously better quality than fast fashion brands. With high-end brands you also pay for a lot of hype. Trust us, 300 dollar jeans is not 10 times better than 30 dollar jeans.

Cut, Fit, Color, and Fabric

After learning your brands, price and quality, then it is time to choose the right cut. Should you choose slim, straight, skinny, regular, or relaxed cut? For a polished look, go for a skinny or slim cut in a dark color, like black or navy. For a more casual look, you have many options: regular, relaxed, boot cut, just to name a few. If you wear jeans with sneakers, make sure you take the height of the shoe into account when choosing a cut. For example, slim fit jeans pair best with high-top sneakers. Looser jeans can work with low-top sneakers.

After learning your cuts, next is to choose the right fit. It's important to find jeans that fit well, but not everyone can afford bringing their jeans to the tailor. First when choosing jeans is to make sure they fit at the waist. Next, consider the size of your thighs. For skinnier men, you could probably stick to your true size, but with those who have larger thighs, you should size up and then have it tailored to get the best fit.

Next, decide on the wash and color of the jeans. Dark wash denim looks polished, especially when paired with white sneakers. Light wash is great with any of your casual outfits. Other washes include raw, paint, and distressed. These jeans have a very nice character on them but, it’s somewhat a little bit tough to mix and match to an outfit.

Finally, there are two basic fabrics to choose from: cotton and spandex. You can find out the composition of your jeans by looking at the fabric labels. The higher the spandex content, the stretchier the jean. A higher percentage of spandex is especially good for slim fits, because you still feel comfortable to move when wearing it. If you prefer a streetwear vibe, go for 98 to 100 percent cotton to offer softness, breathability and sweat absorbance.

Style and Care Guide

You can pair jeans with a variety of clothes in your wardrobe. Start by coordinating two pieces of clothing to create a look. For example, you can pair a grungy distressed jean with a classic black tee. It’s basic but looks still modern and multifunctional. A white t-shirt paired with light denim jeans is a timeless look. Add a leather jacket to that and you’re good to go. Or try a flannel shirt with black jeans and sneakers for a casual look. For a more formal look, pick a pair of jeans in a sleek silhouette and throw on a blazer. Try not to go too monochrome with this combination: for example, a black blazer paired with black jeans can look boring, and a navy blazer paired with blue jeans can clash due to differences in the warmth of the blue’s tone. Our favorite combination is a black blazer with gray jeans or a navy blazer with extremely dark wash indigo, which looks almost black.

A final topic we want to discuss is: can you wash your jeans? We get this question a lot - ridiculous, we know. But most fashion professionals will tell you that jeans should never be washed. This is especially true of some washes, such as dark or raw. However, we are of the opinion that not washing your jeans is like not washing your hair: a good idea in theory, but a bad idea in practice. Here’s our secret to washing jeans. All we do is turn them inside out, put it on delicate cycle, and air dry rather than stick it in the dryer to prevent shrinking.