What's a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of clothing where every piece in the collection can be worn beautifully with every other piece. Most capsule wardrobes consist of around 30 pieces, with a mix of tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, shoes, and accessories that all form a coherent style image.

You know the confidence you feel when you're wearing your favorite outfit? The goal of a capsule wardrobe is to help you feel that way every day. Capsule dressing saves you time getting ready in the morning, helps you look more polished, and gets more use out of your existing clothes. Since you don't have to worry about matching the pieces, you could literally get dressed in the dark and still look good. Shopping is also easier because once you know which pieces are missing from a capsule, you know exactly what to buy.

Capsule dressing doesn't mean you have to be a minimalist. Not everyone can be happy with just thirty pieces in their wardrobe. Just build two or more capsules! For example, you can put together capsule wardrobes in different styles you want to experiment with. Or build a capsule for different occasions: impressing your boss at the office, hanging out with friends and family, looking amazing when you finally meet your online crush IRL, or taking that well deserved vacation.

How to get started

First, take an assessment of your current closet. Which pieces do you love? What occasions do you usually dress for? What makes you feel like you? Set your favorite pieces aside. Look for patterns in these pieces- what do they communicate to the world? This will define your personal style. (Hint: having trouble finding your personal style? Take our free Personal Style Quiz! )

Next, it's time to take these favorite pieces and fill in the gaps. Do you need more work tops? Walking shoes? Casual bottoms? Our advice is to start with the capsule wardrobes we've already put together and modify them so they work for you. When selecting pieces, look for quality. But this doesn't mean you need to spend a lot of money. The pieces we've curated are both affordable and highly rated for cut, fabric, and fit.

Once you've completed your capsule wardrobe, you'll need to learn how to incorporate it into your daily routine. The way we like to use our capsules is to group the pieces by type: tops, bottoms, shoes, etc. Each group then becomes a "station" that we can pick a piece from when getting dressed. This allows us to move through the stations at lightning speed, like you would at Chipotle when building your burrito bowl. Delish!