KitSpark was created by a micro-influencer who had been struggling to find any valuable sponsorships that matched her interests. She wanted to know why she was having so much trouble figuring out the "formula" to launch her influencing career. After hours of research, she created her own media kit and started sending that to brands that she wanted to work with. She began noticing that it sparked immediate success and wanted to share it with other influencers who also want to grow their influence. That's how KitSpark was born.

Because KitSpark is still growing, we understand the growing pains of being a small business. It's almost exactly the same as being a smaller influencer! We're invested in helping micro-influencers and expanding the influencer industry to help people follow their passions just like we here at KitSpark are following our own passions right now. We're not a big company, but the changes that we make towards the influencer industry are huge. We are more than just a media kit creator, we are at the forefront of changing the influencer industry. Come join us to level up your influence!