Our story began when our founder's friend, a micro-influencer, struggled to find valuable sponsorships that matched her interests. She wanted to figure out the "formula" to take her influencer career to the next level.

After conducting research, our founder soon discovered that the friend wasn’t alone in her struggles. This was a common issue. Our founder helped her friend experiment with several methods before they had a breakthrough. Together, they discovered that crafting a well-polished media kit not only attracted larger paid opportunities, but solved a lot of other issues as well, such as negotiating fees and getting approached by the right brands. We wanted to share her findings and success with other influencers. That's how Pomello Club was born.

Today, the Pomello Club team provides our users with the opportunity to level up their sponsorships with in-depth analytics, beautifully crafted design templates, and new brand partnership opportunities. We are continuing to grow and emerge to the forefront of the evolving influencer industry.